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Behind the Designs

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white- JasminReese_LOGO-Circle

Behind the Designs

We blend whimsical elegance & bold design into timeless, artfully crafted, harmoniously balanced residential luxury spaces.
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Our mission

We celebrate the harmony between antique charm & modern flair, so our interiors radiate timeless elegance. Juxtaposing whimsy with sophistication, every room we design invites, comforts & narrates a unique story: yours. 

Our vision

Envisioning a world where interior design marries beauty & sustainability, every space we craft not only mesmerizes but respects our planet, utilizing sustainable materials to create lasting elegance & purposeful luxury.

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In the details

Our journey together begins with a 15-minute discovery call, followed by a paid one-hour consultation. 

After that, your design fee covers: 

  • measurements
  • a style session
  • preliminary meetings
  • a comprehensive package of drawings & selections
  • a detailed personal presentation

Once this stage is complete, you transition to an hourly rate, and our team manages every aspect of your project, handles all orders, and collaborates closely with contractors and architects to bring your dream interior into reality.

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Jasmin Reese

Jasmin is an artist and can work in many different styles. Her instinct is to blend antiques with modern elements, dark finishes mixed with light, feminine tones contrasting with masculine, and high-low pieces.
Her signature style is bold wallpapered ceilings that allow art to be at eye level & artfully designed “color bomb” rooms that are whimsical & sophisticated at the same time.

Her rooms appear very maximalist at first blush - however, they have limited, edited furnishings and simple styling for a classic and timeless tone.
Her painterly interiors have gained her repeat business from clients who love their comfortable spaces, and she can complete homes over years if it isn’t done all at once.
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