Voluspa Candle & Diffuser

The Voluspa line is a crowd favorite! 
  • Large 3 wick candle in a decorative glass jar with a delicate orange scent. 
Price: $85
  • Beautiful gold carved candle perfect for Autumn with clove spice, amber, and squashes. Available in candle and diffuser.
Candle price: $32
Diffuser price: $24

Call our store to place an order for pick up at (773) 857-1240, or email cmagiera@jasminreeseinteriors.com or just stop by the shop to see them in person!

  • Large_thumb_spiced-goji-tarocco-orange-3-wick-hearth-glass-candle-spiced-goji-tarocco-orange-1-5622_1200x
  • Large_thumb_spiced-goji-tarocco-orange-3-wick-hearth-glass-candle-spiced-goji-tarocco-orange-2-5ec6_1200x
  • Large_thumb_voluspa-copper-clove-large-jar-with-glass-lid-9
  • Large_thumb_voluspa-copper-clove-home-ambience-diffuser-26
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